Accelerate Your Design and Simplify your Manufacturing

Remove the time and challenge of creating drawings for the plant.  XceleRAYtor allows your design department to build simple easy to understand work instructions in minutes.


XceleRAYtor turns complicated and time-consuming two-dimensional piece drawings into simple to comprehend three-dimensional work instructions without ever missing revisions.


Working with files rather than paper assures your company is always working on the most up to date information.


Create the information needed for laser projection, and control the laser through the XceleRAYtor user interface.


Visually develop erection sequences fast and utilize the model to provide a visual aid for pinpointing problematic erection scenarios. Define crane positions and braces for bracing planning.


Lower Your Cost in the Design Department

  • Create manufacturing documentation in 25% of the time.
  • Eliminate the confusing hard to read 2D drawings.
  • Automatic creation of manufacturing Steps.
  • Automatically create dimensions.

Simplify your Manufacturing

  • 3D information in the plant.
  • See only items needed in each step of manufacturing.
  • Measurement ability for special cases.
  • Easily switch between dimension styles

Simplify your Erection Load Lists

  • Visually create and Export your erection load list.

Reduce your Risk

  • No more missing revision sheets.
  • Paperless plant.


XceleRAYtor provides a simple series of steps showing only the information needed to complete the current stage of the manufacturing process.  Make your precast manufacturing as easy as building LEGOs.


Utilize your StructureWorks 3D models like never before by eliminating the challenging, time-consuming process of creating drawings for the plant.   Let XceleRAYtor create and dimension each step.


Build load lists have never been so quick and easy.  XceleRAYtor allows the user to move throughout the building seeing how the building will be erected Piece by Piece. Replaces the tedious, error-prone process of developing erection load lists with a simple process of selecting each product in the proper erection order.