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    Large Building Structures
  • Bridges
  • Parking
  • Stadiums
  • Erection Drawings
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  • Piece Detail Drawings
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  • Heavy Reinforcement
    Heavy Reinforcement
  • Detailed Component Connections
    Detailed Component Connections
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Elevate your Business

StructureWorks moves you from the manufacturing age to the information age – and beyond – with 3D modeling and Building Information Modeling (BIM) software developed specifically for the precast concrete industry by industry experts.


StructureWorks allows you to model every component, including all concrete products, reinforcing, connections, lifting hardware, and other miscellaneous embedded items. From the 3D model, drawings and bills of material are created by the software.


Based on SolidWorks technology, StructureWorks is parametric software, meaning minor changes to the geometry in the 3D model automatically propagate to the drawings and bills of material. Export 3D models to several popular construction industry collaboration tools, including Revit and Navisworks using .ifc, .sat, .vrml, etc. StructureWorks leverages an open SQL database allowing companies to create reports from the information generated during the modeling process.

StructureWorks connects to your company's existing enterprise business solutions, or can utilize StructureWorks, LLC’s PieceTracker for seamless integration.


Lower Your Costs While Increasing Your Productivity

  • Automatic BOM generation
  • Fewer designers/ quicker completion of drawings
  • Improved accuracy of design
  • Improved scheduling capabilities by utilizing Piece Tracker

Reduce Your Risk

  • Software is designed by industry experts using proven SolidWorks platform
  • Utilizes industry standard Microsoft SQL server allowing direct tie in to enterprise or other software
  • Standard libraries encourage more adherence to standards
  • 3D modeling allows designers to see how changes affect the way components fit together
  • Changes are automatically propagated and accurately recalculated throughout

Improved Competitive Position

  • More precise estimating capabilities
  • Faster-To-Market delivery improves your customers' revenue stream
  • Reduced overhead

Choose the suite of tools that fits best


For all users who produce the models as well as erection drawings and traditional 2D plant drawings.  All of StructureWorks tools are unlocked and available.


For engineers who are not modeling, but need to review models and supporting information about structures and products.  Apply design information and review all bills of materials and reports from within the system.


For users who model buildings with products and connections as well as users who define the reinforcement within the product.


For users who produce Erection Drawings and traditional 2D plant drawings.