Manage Proactively  

PieceTracker product management software, developed specifically for the precast concrete industry, gives you real time information on the status of every piece of on a job at every point in the process.  

PieceTracker relies upon each precast component having a unique identification number and provides the sequential order in which precast pieces are designed, manufactured, inspected, stored, shipped and erected.  

Network access is available on desktops, laptops, and other mobile devices to ensure that every person in design, scheduling, manufacturing, quality control, transportation and erection are doing their job in the most efficient manner possible.  

This powerful tool is responsible for virtually eliminating precast structure schedule delays and lets you know, in real time, where you are in the schedule.


Manage Proactively

  • Accurate, instantaneous information
  •  No waiting for reports
  •  Eliminate wasted time
  •  Finished inventory stored in the order to be shipped
  •  Shipments tracked from yard to final delivery
  •  Take customer satisfaction to its highest level

Effectively Communicate

  • Accurate, real time information equals unprecedented productivity
  • Gives everyone the same information immediately
  • Automatic email alerts everyone with a "need to know"
  • Work as a team to analyze data, solve and prevent problems
  • Get product where it is needed and reduce costs
  • Repairs, adjustments and notes updated instantly
  • Puts everyone "on the same page" to optimize communication 
  • Measure Performance
  • Monitor every process by the minute
  • Analyzing performance in real time
  • Generate data for future pricing efforts

Maximize Accountability

  • Real time data lets you identify where problems start
  • Enables you to prevent problems before they fully develop
  • Stimulates a culture of accountability
  • Supports initiatives for more efficient and responsible methods